A rebalancing of production and delegation is underway.

The world’s production levels are rising, but the specter of scarcity—of natural resources, labor, expertise—looms large. Emboldened by new technology, people will pursue greater productivity, pushing for greater efficiency.

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Generative AI

Not only will human-led GenAI exponentially increase productivity; hundreds of new categories of jobs could be created as a result. Generative AI is fundamentally redefining what it might mean to work in the future. Automation can enable a reprioritization of human efforts – and empower every single worker to do more with less.

Key questions

How will GenAI push the bounds of productivity for our employees and organization as a whole?

What investments do we need to make in GenAI today to begin to optimize productivity? Where can we achieve quick wins by applying this technology today?


Productivity enabled by technology also has a dark side. As threat actors become more sophisticated, the frequency, scale, and cost of data breaches and cyber attacks is increasing as well. Emboldened by new technology and the potential simplification of enacting fraud, these threat actors could increasingly target vulnerabilities for individuals and organizations alike.

Key questions

What updates need to be made to our cyber practices to protect against threats from new technology?

How might the application of new technologies, such as GenAI, within our workforce introduce new vulnerabilities? How can we best prepare to mitigate those risks?

Future of Work

Workers worldwide are working less than they have in the past 150 years. Yet nearly 10% of workers reported having a main job plus at least one side gig. This may be evidence of the world moving toward an economy of individualized scale for innovation – meaning one person (or none) can do the work of many. As the aperture of what it means to be productive expands, so does the role of the individual worker.

Key questions

Do we have the infrastructure, tools, and capabilities available to support a new paradigm of productivity?

What is our optimal mix of buy, build, and borrow to support our specific organization and team dynamics and needs?

How you respond will shape the future of your organization.

How will generative AI enable new forms of productivity among your employees and partners?

What new business models might emerge with more leisure time?

Are you prepared to keep up as threat or risk actors become increasingly productive?

How might productivity trends impact mental health and well-being?

How will your talent strategy and “full-time work” need to shift to respond to new employee expectations around company culture?

Come with these questions or any of your own, and we’ll co-create solutions together.

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