Technology alongside humankind can open doors we never fathomed.

The increasing scale, accessibility, and affordability of technology can empower all of us, but it also calls into question what the future for humans may look like; as technology becomes more powerful and pervasive, we have to consider how our relationship with it may impact how we live, work, shop, age, play and even mingle.

Explore the global forces that shape this theme:

Generative AI

A huge driver of this evolving relationship between humans and technology is Generative AI, which will completely upend how we work, approach problems, and design creative solutions. In a world where generative capabilities have hit “human-level” good, we can enhance our creativity, save time, and evolve our skillsets – cementing our place as evolved humans.

Key questions

How can Generative AI enable our workforce to save time and reduce costs? How can we best embrace new ways of working?

How can we best adopt generative AI to improve productivity across our workforce?

Aging Population & Redefined Retirement

Not only is technology evolving what it means to be human, but new human behaviors and shifting demographics are also contributing to a new reality. Despite technology’s ability to enhance productivity, an aging population in developed nations will present new facets of workforce scarcity – leading to tension in the ability to fuel and sustain innovation.

Key questions

How will an aging population impact the makeup of our workforce?

What types of skillsets and capabilities do we need to be investing in now, to prepare for demographic shifts in the future?

Synthetic biology

New possibilities emerging from synthetic biology – such as abundant agricultural production, anti-aging possibilities, environmental remediation, and brain-computer-interfaces – may culminate in an entire new ecological model for businesses and society. On a biological level, new possibilities such as evolved cellular processes, regenerative body parts, hyper-personalized drug discovery, and anti-aging supplements may change our ability to live and interact with the world. On a societal level, hyperlocal supply chains and abundance of the resources may change how we commune and consume.

Key questions

If our workforce is enabled by an endless supply of resources, what is the primary role of the worker? What organizational values do we need to be cultivating to now to secure competitive advantage in the future?

How might synthetic biology change the way we need to interact with and meet consumer expectations?

How you respond will shape the future of your organization.

How might technology augment your workforce or departments to improve efficiency and performance?

Where should emerging technologies in the workplace be prioritized, and what are the implications for your people, skill sets of today, and new talent tomorrow?

What new businesses or consumer segments may emerge as technology augments the way humans experience the world?

How do your consumers’ changing expectations have implications on new product or user experience needs?

How are you accounting for an older or post-retirement workforce in terms of culture, communication, workplace flexibility, benefits offerings, or upskilling?

Come with these questions or any of your own, and we’ll co-create solutions together.

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